AF23 Router App Help

If you are having trouble getting connected to your router, please read through the following as there are many things that can affect the connection.
If you can connect to your routers web interface using browser on your MAC or PC, then you can connect using this app.
The most common problem people have, is using the wrong settings in the app. To get you up and running initially, make sure you are connecting locally to your router in which case you must be connected to the same WiFi as the router.


Address (Router IP address) - This should be pretty obvious, it will normally be something like or (default).

Username (Router login) - AF23 have 2 users: 'admin' and 'diagmode'. The username you need to enter here is the same username you use when the web interface asks you to log in. This is usually 'admin'.

Password (Router password) - We can't help you here. When you first logged into AF23 it would have asked you to change your admin password. This is the same password you use to log into the web interface. Default password is 'admin'.

To setup router use Setup on tab Status.

To send command directly to router OS use tab Command.

Thank you for using this app.
We hope you enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed making it.