Application CalcMyCalories

Description of CalcMyCalories

This application is designed to control the composition and caloric content of a daily meal. It allows you to easily add and remove food you eat, set the weight of food, control calories. In addition, you can record data such as weight, blood glucose, chest size, waist, hips and blood pressure…

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Application Direction Indicator

Description of Direction Indicator

The application Direction Indicator is designed for storing your current location (your coordinates), and indicate the direction to it, and the distance to it, so that you could return. It is useful to remember any place where you want to go back, for a walk with the children, in the supermarket, in the town, in the forest, fishing, hunting. For application work in your device must be turned on the navigation system and the magnetic compass…

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Application Poker Trainer

Description of Poker Trainer

The application Poker Trainer help novice players to start playing Texas Hold'em poker. It will show the card combination of the player, how likely to win with this combination and will give advice on how to bet. Also, the application has a poker timer for easy tracking changes in the blinds when you play with your friends…

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