About Caloristor

This application is designed to control the composition and caloric content of a daily meal. It allows you to easily add and remove food you eat, set the weight of food, control calories. In addition, you can record data such as weight, blood glucose, chest size, waist, hips and blood pressure.
The interface is designed with four tabs: meal, data, analysis, options. When you first start the application asks for your permission to display the entered data in the Health application. If you are using a Health, the application will be added to data source. application reads data from the Health only to have to allow editing of the data in accordance with the changes you made in application.


Meal Tab

In this tab, you can record everything you eat for a day. The name of the meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner, ...) you can edit by clicking detail button of the title of the meal. Click on the meal itself to expand or collapse the list of dishes. In the field "Total" enter the calorie intake for a day (Cal). Clicking on the title of the top bar, you can select the day of the calendar you want to view or edit. To add a dish, click on the line with a frying pan. To add a meal, click on the line with a frying pan, a saucepan and a bottle. Meal or dish can be completely removed by clicking the edit button or swipe to the left. Dish can be edited by clicking on appropriate line.

Data Tab

On this tab you can enter the data obtained from measurements of parameters such as your weight, blood glucose, breast volume, waist and hips, as well as blood pressure at the top of the table. Select the types of data measured by you by clicking on the button Types. After entering all the data, click the Save button. Data you entered will appear in the bottom of the table. There you can see the previous data as well as edit them by clicking on the appropriate line.

Analysis Tab

On this tab, you can see the data you entered with the graphical representation. Click on the corresponding chart to see the raw data.

Options Tab

On this tab, you can perform the import / export / cleaning of all application data as well as edit the list of food. Editing the list of food can also be performed on the Meal tab when selecting a dish. Data is exported and imported in CSV delimited by a semicolon; . Use the following format:
Food list
  Name;Calories Cal/100g(Int);Groupe name;Notes
Data list
    date for import is in Date+Time(Date) field
  Date;Meal name;Time;Food name;Weight g.(Int);Calories Cal/100g(Int);Calories fact Cal(Int);Day date(Date);Date+Time of meal(Date);Calories max per day(Int)
    date for import is in Date+Time(Date) fields

Food List

The list of food is very individual for each region and even for every person. It can be taken from manufacturers data (usually there on the package) and Internet data and other information sources. You may easily edit the list in the Food tab when you enter the dish, and in the options tab. List of food easy to share via iMessage, by e-mail or any other means of file sharing. The program recognizes CSV files and allows you to send your data. When importing used only those food which are not yet in your list. In addition, the latest version of the list that users have sent us you can see below.

Last version of food tables

You can send us your version of food table to e-mail calories@sovetic.ru and it will be added to the list above. We need the following information: Name of the list, Language (two letters), Note (optional).