About AF23 Router App

Use AF23Router app to easily configure and view AF23 router's state and settings from iPod, iPhone and iPad. Router can be setup and full controlled directly from this App without needing PC or other device.

AF23 Router App

The application has three tabs State, Command and Settings. Select the desired tab on the bottom toolbar.

State tab - shows the current state of the router and you can go to the Setup or More Info for detailed information from the router. On the Setup page, you can implement any configuration of the router via its web interface, and on the More Info page to see all the parameters of the current state of the router including network settings, WiFi and modem connections.

Command tab - allows you to send any command to the operating system of the router and view its answer. It is necessary to note that this is not a normal terminal and interact with the shell of the router OS implemented only as next - send a command and see its response. Interaction with programs such as top or mc can not be executed. The waiting time for a response from the shell is limited to 60 seconds. This allows professionals to conduct any fine-tuning of the operating system of the router in bounds of its hardware capabilities.

Tab Settings - allows you to set the address of the router, as well as the user name and password to administer the router. No other features will not work until the correct settings are made. For more information on setting up, you can see the Help for the application.

We hope that this application will make viewing the status of the router and configure it convenient and easy no matter through what device you want to do it.

Version 1.1
- iOS 9 support.
- Information update bug fixes.
- Adds a Reboot button for quick router reboot. Also, this reset modem session.